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Duty Recovery Classification Alternatives




Substantial pharmaceutical duty refunds are available on past dutiable importations that have subsequently and recently become duty-free under the GATT Accord and periodic WHO negotiated updates as published in the federal register and subsequently included in the US tariff. A review of your company's importations and shipping practices will reveal whether refunds of  interim pharmaceutical duty, paid on imported actives and intermediates prior to an update, can be secured. The review may also indicate whether Foreign Trade Zones, Temporary Duty Suspensions, and/or Temporary Importations under Bond (among other duty management programs) are applicable in minimizing your duty costs.  

Key Benefits


Maximize the recovery of pharmaceutical duty paid during the period between WHO negotiations.


Minimize the pharmaceutical duty paid on chemicals, intermediates and actives not approved for inclusion in WHO negotiated updates.


Avoid or reduce duties on importations of components other than chemicals when elimination or recovery is not possible.


Duty Management Associates has experience in the preparation of Legislation, agreements and Foreign Trade Zone Subzone applications.

Pharmaceutical Interim Duties

Duty Management Associates has worked with the U. S. Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association, U. S. Customs, and The International Trade Commission in developing the first Federal Register listings of pharmaceutical actives and intermediates for international import duty elimination, resulting in millions of dollars in duty savings each year.

Foreign Trade Zones

Several Subzones have been established for significant reductions or elimination of import duties for large U.S. firms.

U.S. Suspensions

Temporary suspensions of U.S. import duties have been obtained for large and small firms through the introduction and support of legislation and facilitation of review by the International Trade Commission.


Fully effective maximization of duty savings are achieved through review and proper structuring of supply, toll manufacture and joint venture agreements.


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