Customs brokers providing import export harmonized tariff schedule drug classification and duty drawback services for pharmaceutical duty management of federal register listed compounds.             

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Duty Recovery Classification Alternatives




An independent audit of your import export activity may reveal duty overpayments that can be recovered and/or avoided. Goods imported into the United States must be classified under the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States, Annotated (HTSUSA) and within it's thousands of headings and subheadings. Even the most diligent import broker or export forwarder may misinterpret the information and facts relative to your imported goods and exported products.

Key Benefits


The audit of import export activity is economical. A minimum of staff time is involved.


The service involves no cost until savings and/or recoveries are realized.


Import export  goods and products are properly classified in accordance with rules and procedures of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTSUSA).


Import duty costs are minimized when the audit is applied in conjunction with drawback recoveries and other duty management alternatives.


Duty Management Associates has classified goods within the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTSUSA) for world-wide import export activity. Drug classification for the pharmaceutical industry's actives, intermediates and chemicals and the classification for metals, electronics, apparel, toy, leather, lighter, shaver and writing instrument industries are some of the areas of focus for Duty Management Associates.


HTSUSA General rules, Chapter, Heading, and Subchapter notes and explanatory notes are applied for accurate drug classification and the classification needs of other industries.


Precedent cases and rulings are researched and incorporated in the preparation of classification determinations.


Where two or more import export classifications are considered applicable and/or specific concerns require resolution, binding ruling determinations are requested of U.S. Customs. 

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