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Duty Drawback

Codified long before the tax laws, drawback programs were intended to facilitate international trade by allowing the recovery from U.S. Treasury/Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, of previously paid duty/tax dollars assessed upon importation.

Your duty drawback program will provide for a refund of  99% of the duties paid on imported goods that are 1) unused and subsequently exported or destroyed or 2) manufactured and subsequently exported or destroyed. 

Note that, in many cases, even though a refund claiment may not directly pay the import duties or directly sell into foreign markets, duty drawback dollars can be recovered and quickly returned to the bottom line.



Continuity of knowledge is provided when your duty drawback program is outsourced to licensed Customs brokers. When Duty Management Associates takes responsibility for your recoveries the loss of internal employees due to retirement, promotion or termination is not a problem.


Efficiency and effectiveness of your program is provided in order to maximize refunds. Many times the percentage of checks received to claims filed is low with internal programs. Claims remain unliquidated for long periods of time. The program may not be proceeding as smoothly as you would like with claims, procedures and privileges threatened or denied.  Fines and penalties may be assessed. All  potential duty drawback opportunities may not have been approved and under drawback contract.


When independent licensed Customs brokers are involved and willing to prepare the necessary paperwork you gain leverage with your import export vendors and forwarders in securing the confidential information required for drawback and gain their cooperation in turning over duty drawback rights. 



Duty Management Associates has recovered millions of dollars for large and small firms in the pharmaceutical, chemical, metals, electronics, apparel, toy, leather, lighter, shaver and writing instrument industries.

Drawback Preparations

Software used for claims preparation is readily accepted by U.S. Customs. More than 20 years of filing experience, within many industries and types of claims.

Working Relationships

Established relationships with U.S. Customs, import export carriers, forwarders and vendors, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and other Customs brokers.

Filings and Compliance

Contracts - general and specific, interchangeability determinations, accelerated payment and other approvals are professionally prepared and readily approved.


Audits have been conducted of filings prepared by Duty Management Associates and its personnel, (while in present and former positions), by U.S. Customs and Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. All audits produced excellent results. Duty Management Associates has been called upon to correct the errors of others uncovered during audit and in other situations. 

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